Tuner Talks #1 – Exploring the depth of the Super Street customization with our veteran engineer, Andrew Brown

What’s a Super Street game without the possibility to tune your car in just the way you want? We know, right? That’s exactly why Super Street: The Game will be all about customizing your beloved ride! Starting from scrap, you’ll be able to collect tons of parts and create something that completely fits your style. From the brands and parts you prefer, to the colors and even the materials of these parts. It’s all about your choice!

This doesn’t work by itself though and therefore it’s crucial to have a good working system. One of the most important guys working on this, is our very own veteran engineer Andrew Brown. He cut his teeth in the game industry over fifteen years ago, and has since then worked on various racing titles like Shift 2: Unleashed and Wheelman. Besides that, he has even worked on the Unreal Engine 4 itself so knows how to get the best out of this engine. We sat down with him to ask just how much we can expect of the customization. Enjoy!

What are you working on right now?

Andrew: “I’m fully dedicating my time to the car parts system for Super Street: The Game. This is a very dynamic and extensive system which covers all of the customization options. So basically, I’m laying the foundation so players can prepare their vehicle in just the way they want before starting to throw it around corners.”

Just how deep is this system?

Andrew: “It’s pretty deep. As a player you start out by choosing a vehicle model, after which you get the possibility to select tons of parts. These vary from rims and body kits to dozens more types of car parts. You can even swap your whole engine! After this you can go deeper and start pursuing your own personal taste by specifying the paint colors and paint types you want to use for these parts. These can of course be combined. So it’s for example possible to mix a lime green metallic hood with a pearly purple front or rear bumper. It all depends on your own personal taste.”

“ I’m working on basically all the stuff you do to the vehicle when not throwing it around corners.”

Why did you want to work on Super Street: The Game?

Andrew: “My career had moved from writing code for games, to writing them for game engines and I was keen to get back into games. This project gave me the perfect opportunity to go back to my roots while combining this with my knowledge of and background in engine work.”

How did you bring the Super Street DNA into the customization system?

Andrew: “Super Street is all about personalizing your own ride. In the game you’ll be able to do this both on a technical as a custom level. Each part you can customize your vehicle with, has its own benefits that have an overall effect on your vehicle’s performance. This means you’ll be able to build a car that suits your driving style. In addition, you can choose how your car should look color-wise. This completes the whole tuner experience.”

What is your favorite part of the system?

Andrew: “Without a doubt, my favorite feature is – what we have dubbed – the ‘Explode View’. This literally opens the vehicle piece by piece so you can see how all the customizable parts fit and work together. Using this is the perfect way for players to immerse themselves in the construction experience!”

What is your biggest challenge?

Andrew: “This is definitely making sure that this complex system is presented in a simple way. The system should be robust enough to handle all the hundreds of individual vehicle pieces the artists created, while allowing the user to swap these in and out in an easy way. It’s a system that can be summed up in one line, but needs a lot(!) of delicate moving parts and rules built into it. It needs to be carefully balanced to not break the player immersion.”

Well, this is it for this week! In the coming month we’ll be showing a lot more off all the customization options you can expect. Stay up to speed and follow Super Street: The Game on Instagram and Twitter, like us on Facebook, and visit the official website! Also: don’t hesitate to ask us your questions!

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